Case Study: ClickerHappy Logo

The Client

ClickerHappy is an event services company that provides photo booths and photography services for events. The targeted demographic is college-aged young adults aged around 18-24.

The Project

I was approached by ClickerHappy to create a bold logo to communicate excitement and creativity. As a brand, ClickerHappy was looking for a logo that established authority and professionalism in their industry while maintaining a contemporary and welcoming image for their target consumer base. They were also looking for a fun and minimalist style with a clear representation of their services.

A few early concepts combining minimalist line art and photography.

After the first round of rough drafts, I came up with the concept that would eventually be used and tweaked for the final product. I used a blue and yellow combo to convey a fun brand.

ClickerHappy loved this design. However, they weren't set on the color scheme. They sent me a list of several colors they liked and I chose three from that list to incorporate into the logo.

While the client was pleased with this design, there were a few more edits to make before getting to the end product. While the above logo conveyed enjoyable experiences and happiness, the client believed it wouldn't be evident what type of business or industry they are in. To solve this, I began brainstorming ideas with the client of what could symbolize a photo booth and event photography. 

The Final Product

My brainstorming session with the client led to the idea of adding a film strip to the logo to act as a symbol of their services. I also added more starbursts to the "c" to even out the look of the logo a bit more. 

Final Logo & Branding Guidelines

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