Case Study: Attention Deficit Rebrand

Attention Deficit was a weekly hour-long program on WMUC-FM showcasing multiple complementary genres or themes. Examples of popular or recurring themes included 80s vs 90s music, "Hendrix vs Kendrick" (half Jimi Hendrix, half Kendrick Lamar), and Punk vs. Funk. 

The Original

While studying at the University of Maryland, I hosted several radio shows at the campus' freeform radio station, WMUC-FM. Attention Deficit was my longest running show, which I hosted from March 2015- May 2019, even during the summers and winters. This was the first icon I made for the show in 2015.

Tangled earbud headphones served as the main design motif throughout the shows initial branding, representing the playfully disorganized concept of the show. 

Fast forward to 2019, my final semester at the University of Maryland as well as my final semester hosting Attention Deficit. I wanted to rebrand the show in its final semester to represent my growth in hosting the show, as well as design,  over the 4 years of the show.

The Rebrand

To signify this growth, I wanted to create an icon related to my original in a way that symbolized an evolution past earbud headphones. Around the time of this rebranding, Apple's AirPods were increasing in popularity. I decided that wireless earbuds were the perfect way to show growth in this brand. 

I was a bit skeptical of using a tech-related symbol, as new technology evolves so quickly. However, I was also aware that the branding would only last for one more semester and I thought a meme/pop culture reference would serve well for such short-term branding.

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